NUBEAM is not just an accessory for bicycles.
It is a must-have item for your safe ride.

NUBEAM wants human safety.
Start your healthy and safe ride with NUBEAM.

All functions you need are available by one product.
Now, you won’t have any trouble
choosing several different light accessories.

Every year, cyclist or rider is being increased worldwide. With the universalization of biking, the number of cycling-related accident and theft are also increased and can be one of social issues.


01 Is it too annoying to put several accessories on your bike?
02 Do you feel that it is not enough to show your turning direction only with
      your hands in daytime and night?
03 Do you feel that you need a perfect way to show your cycling direction to
04 Do you feel that you are worried to leave your bike alone to stop to have a cup of
      coffee or go to toilet?
05 Do you feel that you worry the accident with the rear rider when you need to stop
      bicycle suddenly?
06 Do you feel that you need to warn to riders you will overtake them?

We carefully listened to a lot of riders’ problem during their cycling.
And NUBEAM was born through a lot of consideration and research.
From now on, Multi-functional product "NUBEAM" will keep you safe during your biking on daytime and night.


NUBEAM“NU” refers to “New” and "BEAM" refers to "Light".
We believe that NUBEAM meets the rider’s requirements as a New Light.


Five in One... Multi-functional Bike Light, NUBEAM!

NUBEAM consists of a Remote Control Unit, a main Lighting Unit and easy mounted brackets with rechargeable battery. It is easy to install through wireless communications between the Remote Control Unit and the main Lighting Unit. NUBEAM supports various functions and features as below.

NUBEAM supports various functions as below.